Music beyond pandemic

Sound Routes

Music beyond pandemic

Despite the pandemic situation, musical waves continue intriguing the agenda of all the project partners. A series of live streaming concerts and Soundroutes events are taking place in several locations. From Spain, 2 Jam sessions are going to be broadcast Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November with artists coming from Senegal, New Zealand, Guinea, Spain and South Africa.

Music never dies. check out our event section and sustain independent music producers…

We start with a live from Tempo Studio:

Jam Afro:
Streaming Saturday 21st November a las at 19.00:

Moustapha ( voice )
Sirifou kouyate ( Kora )
Ibrahima diabaté ( Kora )
Trevor ( piano and trumpet)
Jose Gomez ( drums)
Rafa Saavedra ( Electric Base)

Jam Soul:
Sunday 22nd November 2020 at 19:00

Afro ( Voice )
Birane ( Voice )
Antonia ( voice )
Trevor ( piano y trumpet)
Jose Gomez ( drums)
Rafa Saavedra ( Electric base)

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