Sound Routes


“SoundRoutes. Notes to get closer” is a project initiated in 2017 by Marmaduke, a music agency based in Seville (Spain) in cooperation with the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per…,  the Bologna Jazz Festival, WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin and De vergunnin –De Koer (Belgium) with the support of the Creative Europe Progrogramme of the European Commission.

In the first two years  Soundroutes initiative provides an opportunity for international musicians, who emigrated to Europe to perform within local communities and in collaboration with local artists. Several musical concepts were designed with the objective of supporting their integration into the social and professional environment of the host community.  House Concerts, organised in private, intimate spaces, in cooperation with people from local communities will offer these musicians at any level of musical skill great opportunities to socialize, exchange and share their art, stories and cultural traditions.  Jam Sessions, addressing semi-professional and professional musicians. The production of a  professional music ensemble including both migrant and local musicians.

In 2019 Creative Europe  renewed its support to the project, this time under the coordination of Werkstatt der Kulturen in cooperation with Marmaduke, Bologna Jazz Festival, De Vergunning -De Koer, AMARC – Europe and Chios Music Festival.  This second phase of the project  that will go on until the end of 2020 includes the following activities:

  1. 38 sessions of local co-creation’s incubators of transcultural music in Berlin, Bologna, Sevilla and Gent.

  2.  Mobility program for 64 musicians in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Greece

  3.  30 Masteclasses for musicians and workshops for youngsters held by refugees and migrant musicians.

  4. Soundroutes booking agency

  1. Soundroutes online platform and web-portal