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De Vergunning – De Koer

De VERGUNNING – DE KOER Zaal De Meibloem’ is a former popular Belgian café, theatre, youth centre in the ‘Brugse Poort’ borough in Gent.
De Vergunning has tranformed the former café and facilities into ‘De Koer’ which host fine-scaled, multidisciplinary art and social activities.

De Vergunning organizes  this multidisciplinary work-, exhibition & meeting space in consultation with the inhabitants and organisation of Brugse Poort and the city of Gent.

De Koer initiates, coordinates & supports activities, projects and organisations which find a temporary or permanent home at the site. De Koer is a place of work (reconstruction, construction, rehearsal, meeting, cooking, painting, gardening). De Koer is an exhibition space (artistic interventions, exhibitions, performances, talks, film screenings).

The operations at De Koer are rooted in the site and its historical, architectural, geographical and social significance. Since 2017 De Vergunning is partner of the Soundroutes project.