Sound Routes


Las Rutas del Sonido Urbano. MC Shotta

12 November 2021 En el marco del proyecto Sound Routes, la iniciativa ‘Las Rutas del Sonido Urbano’, llega este viernes a las 20.00 horas a la Plaza del Olivo (Polígono Norte) con un concierto del MC Shotta como cabeza de cartel. Esta propuesta tiene como fin dar a conocer de[…]

Sound Routes: Music for World Refugee Week 2021

Music brings us together, and it has been a relief during the long months of COVID-19. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) proves to us that borders are only a political convention. As humans, we are all linked, regardless of our cultures and backgrounds. Let’s forget for a moment these political borders ruled[…]

Music beyond pandemic

Despite the pandemic situation, musical waves continue intriguing the agenda of all the project partners. A series of live streaming concerts and Soundroutes events are taking place in several locations. From Spain, 2 Jam sessions are going to be broadcast Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November with artists coming[…]