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Sound Routes



World Refugee Day 2021. Chios Music Festival

From the first moment, #ChiosMusicFestival has consistently included in its programming a variety of activities for child refugees. Since the beginning of 2021, the festival organizes an educational music program exclusively for child refugees on a permanent basis, in collaboration with ΜΕΤΑδραση – METAdrasi Transit Accommodation Facility for unaccompanied minors[…]

World Refugee Week: Blind Live Concert with Dudù Kouate and Luca Bernard

And for our last event for World Refugee Week, we travel to Bologna, to the International Museum and Library of Music, where Bologna Jazz Festival has hosted a masterclass on African percussions and traditional African instruments with Dudù Kouatè (Senegal) -who was later joined by Luca Bernard for the Blind[…]

World Refugee Week: Tiny Bij’ De Vieze Gasten – City’s Song / Tehran Sessions

Today we bring you two offerings: a music video and a pre-recorded live session. In the course of February, March & April 2021 several musicians came together for a unique series of short, acoustic, surprising concerts. Heartwarming and intimate. In 2019 musicians Thomas Noël and Farnoosh Khodadadeh went to Tehran[…]