🎶 Today is World Refugee Day. That’s why Bologna Jazz Festival is organizing a live stream radio and web marathon together with its European partners!→ Listen to performances from Bologna, Seville and Ghent with on the program: Osama Abdulrasol, Francois Waistfer, Reda Zine, Danilo Mineo, One Pac and Fellows, Soundroutes Belgium, Nasser Haj Wahlo and Who Dat.

Reda Zene (Morocco)/guembri and electric guitar and Danilo Mineo (Italy)/percussions with projections of images of post-colonial African cinema at International Museum and Library of Music (Bologna, Italy) And here is a preview of the sound journey of Reda Zine and Danilo Mineo – Live streaming concert inspired by early postcolonial film sequences like Touki Bouki! 1973 film by Senegalese Djibril Diop Mambéty.

The idea of the duo stems from the desire to extend timbral and iconographic research, linked to a certain African and Middle Eastern cinematographic heritage, deepened in recent years by the two artists from Italy to Morocco, from Egypt to Ethiopia (with the band Fawda) and through the Gnawa Music laboratory they direct.

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