🎶 Today is World Refugee Day. That’s why Soundroutes-Be is organizing a live stream radio and web marathon together with its European partners!→ Listen to performances from Bologna, Seville and Ghent with on the program: Osama Abdulrasol, Francois Waistfer, Reda Zine, Danilo Mineo, One Pac and Fellows, Soundroutes Belgium, Nasser Haj Wahlo and Who Dat.

In Ghent, Sound route’s partner De Koer organised a live event with Soundroutes BE – Live Bij’ De Vieze Gasten Session & de Koer.

Filmed live 20/06/2020

The livestream concert was organized in compliance with social distance. Silent disco headphones were available to crew and residents only!

Our ambition is to make this a blueprint for this summer, starting with neighborhood gigs across Ghent and beyond. This could also be a way for us to have ‘Stille Gentse Feesten’, live with Fonkel headphones (200 meter range) and livestream all the gigs in the closed bar.

Made live during the set!


Producer: Tarik El Hardouze

Audio Engineers: Jonas Nyaarr & Sven Van Rie

Director: Firas El Hallak

Videographers: Jaak Segers & Giovanni van Meurs

Editor: Anaïs Kabore

Production Assistent: Elza Jeanty & Valentine Larmuseau

Food: Tinne Keymeulen Animator: Gitte Teeuwen

T-Shirt designer: @rasto_art

Special thanks: Tweeden Asem, Yana Geeroms, Siel de Schepper, Eleni Tsiamparta ,Tweeden Asem, Randa El Hallak, Regula Perschak, Bijnens Family,Stubborn, Rebel Up, Beach Bums, Ida Marie and last but not least: Bij De Vieze Gasten With support from STEEN, Go To Eleven, Charcuterie

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