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Sound Routes



Open call for refugee and migrant musicians

[Castellano]   [Arabic]   [Italian] Soundroutes.  Casting call for professional refugee and migrant musicians. “SoundRoutes. Notes to get closer” is a project promoted by Marmaduke, a music agency based in Seville (Spain) in cooperation with the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per…,  the Bologna Jazz Festival, Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illich (Italy), the Berliner Werkstatt der[…]

Soundroutes press release by Un Ponte Per… [IT]

“The sound routes”: musiche migranti a Roma A Roma la prima tappa italiana  del progetto “Le strade del suono”, sostenuto da Un ponte per…, per favorire accoglienza e integrazione dei migranti attraverso la musica Roma, 28 aprile 2017 – Sei associazioni impegnate nella musica e nella tutela dei cittadini stranieri[…]

Outstanding Success for the first Arab Song Jam in Berlin

On Thursday 2nd of March 2017 something extraordinary happened, something that can only be compared, for example, to someone hearing Jazz in the 1930’s for the very first time and being in total rapture. An enthusiastic audience of all ages attended the first show of the concert series called Arab Song[…]