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Sound Routes



Soundroutes is back.

The Creative Europe programme of the European Commission approved the second phase of the Soundroutes project  that will go on until the end of 2020. This time we can count with the collaboration of 6 partners in 5 countries: Brauerei Wissmannstraße e.V. – Werkstatt der Kulturen , that will coordinate[…]

Shadow Music: the Soundroutes documentary

‘First a musician, then a refugee’ On Friday 21 December the social and artistic centre de Koer will present the première of the documentary film Shadow Music. Filmmaker Berber Verpoest joined forces with the Ghent-based musicians of the Soundroutes Band and followed Syrian and Afghan musicians starting out a new life[…]

The SoundRoutes Band is coming to a city near you!

TOUR DATES – THE SOUND ROUTES BERLIN / Germany – October 12, 2018 / WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN BOLOGNA / Italy – October 28, 2018 / BOLOGNA JAZZ FESTIVAL SEVILLA / Spain – November 3, 2018 / TEATRO CENTRAL Italian superstar Roy Paci and the no less well-known French Jazz wind[…]