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Musical Diasporas – a journey in gnawa music of Maghreb

Musical diaspora (third date)Journey in gnawa music of Maghreb. Oumaima Belamdi’s gentle voice took us on a journey with Abdullah Ajerrar’s gimbri and metal castanets, accompanied by Gianluca Sia. Like the Brazilian Macumba and other Afro-descendant music, Gnawa aims to cure women and men of the physical and psychological ills[…]

Musical Diasporas – Journey through the music of the Far East

Have you ever been to the Far East, to China? Have you ever listened to traditional Chinese music and seen Chinese musical instruments with a history of over 2000 years?The Ensemble du Sud will offer an interesting encounter on Chinese music. You can listen to wonderful Chinese music, get to[…]

Musical Diasporas – a journey through the music of North Africa

First episode of Musical Diasporas: Being a candle is not easy: to make light you must first burn.Fire has no more smoke when it has become flame”. RUMIPreparing for the journey through the currents of thought in North AfricaObserve the bridge between thought and music.Observe the different genres, the different[…]