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Sound Routes


Urban Sound Routes at the Torreblanca Book Fair, Seville

The Torreblanca Book Fair also proposed a calendar of cultural activities that took place throughout the week and included activities for all audiences in the venues of the civic centre itself, its auditorium, the ICAS Library and the Plaza Salvador Valverde. Among these activities, there have been plays, creativity workshops,[…]

Music workshop and concert in Bologna with Kimia

The Sound Routes is an initiative funded through the Creative Europe Programme of the European Community and dedicated to the social and professional integration of migrant musicians and political refugees. The project is coordinated by the Spanish music agency Marmaduke and includes several workshops, jam sessions and concerts in Spain,[…]

Sound Routes in Intimate Bridges

Soundroutes was in Athens on 14 September 2021 invited by Theatre Entropia  to the International Conference of  Intimate Bridges project about participation in cultural and artistic initiatives.  Building cooperation, alliances and networking. Intimate bridges is a European Project attempting to bridge in a genuine way the gaps, as well as[…]