Sound Routes


“SoundRoutes. Notes to get closer” is a project promoted by Marmaduke, a music agency based in Seville (Spain) in cooperation with the Italian NGO Un Ponte Per…,  the Bologna Jazz Festival, WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN Berlin and De Koer (Belgium).

The SoundRoutes initiative provides an opportunity for international musicians, who emigrated to Europe to perform within local communities and in collaboration with local artists. Several musical concepts were designed with the objective of supporting their integration into the social and professional environment of the host community.

House Concerts, organised in private, intimate spaces, in cooperation with people from local communities will offer these musicians at any level of musical skill great opportunities to socialise, exchange and share their art, stories and cultural traditions. These are particularly powerful performances, which help create an “emotional community”, shaping special relationships among participants and catering for an audience different from the one attending mainstream commercial venues.

Jam Sessions, addressing semi-professional and professional musicians. They will involve both migrant and local musicians, providing opportunities for integration in a creative community. Jam sessions are organised in closer cooperation with a wide range of institutions such as associations, civic centres, cultural centres, youth centres, art centres, and music festivals.

The project’s purpose is to produce original music. A professional music ensemble including both migrant and local musicians will be formed, and its creative output will be showcased at the Bologna Jazz Festival, in the autumn of 2018 at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN and possibly other European cities.

The SoundRoutes venture will offer these international musicians the chance to promote their music on the soundroutes.eu website. At the same time project partners will promote the artists and their projects among music agencies and institutions all over Europe.

A documentary will follow the development of the project, documenting the life stories of the artists involved.

The project is supported by the Creative Agency of the European Commission.