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Musical Diasporas – a journey in gnawa music of Maghreb

Musical diaspora (third date)Journey in gnawa music of Maghreb. Oumaima Belamdi’s gentle voice took us on a journey with Abdullah Ajerrar’s gimbri and metal castanets, accompanied by Gianluca Sia. Like the Brazilian Macumba and other Afro-descendant music, Gnawa aims to cure women and men of the physical and psychological ills[…]

Musical Diasporas – Journey through the music of the Far East

Have you ever been to the Far East, to China? Have you ever listened to traditional Chinese music and seen Chinese musical instruments with a history of over 2000 years?The Ensemble du Sud will offer an interesting encounter on Chinese music. You can listen to wonderful Chinese music, get to[…]

Musical Diasporas – a journey through the music of North Africa

First episode of Musical Diasporas: Being a candle is not easy: to make light you must first burn.Fire has no more smoke when it has become flame”. RUMIPreparing for the journey through the currents of thought in North AfricaObserve the bridge between thought and music.Observe the different genres, the different[…]

Las Rutas del Sonido Urbano. MC Shotta

12 November 2021 En el marco del proyecto Sound Routes, la iniciativa ‘Las Rutas del Sonido Urbano’, llega este viernes a las 20.00 horas a la Plaza del Olivo (Polígono Norte) con un concierto del MC Shotta como cabeza de cartel. Esta propuesta tiene como fin dar a conocer de[…]

Sound Routes at WOMEX

29/10/2021 In these days Sound Routes is at WOMEX , the World Wide Music Expo presenting its artists and the newly released CD. You can find Marmaduke Ivan Pivotti at the stand of Andalucia. The fair this year takes place in the beautiful city of Porto.  Visit us!

Behind the Desk Hip-Hop special

Soundroutes live from Bar Broei, where we celebrate the birthday of Graffiti non-profit organization . With guests from Italy and Spain! Friday 22 october 2021 21:30 – 23:30 Broei, De Koer, Graffiti vzw and Hip Hop Hooray are joining forces for one last hip hop evening! 20:30 – 21:00 DJ[…]

Urban Sound Routes at the Torreblanca Book Fair, Seville

The Torreblanca Book Fair also proposed a calendar of cultural activities that took place throughout the week and included activities for all audiences in the venues of the civic centre itself, its auditorium, the ICAS Library and the Plaza Salvador Valverde. Among these activities, there have been plays, creativity workshops,[…]

Music workshop and concert in Bologna with Kimia

The Sound Routes is an initiative funded through the Creative Europe Programme of the European Community and dedicated to the social and professional integration of migrant musicians and political refugees. The project is coordinated by the Spanish music agency Marmaduke and includes several workshops, jam sessions and concerts in Spain,[…]

Sound Routes in Intimate Bridges

Soundroutes was in Athens on 14 September 2021 invited by Theatre Entropia  to the International Conference of  Intimate Bridges project about participation in cultural and artistic initiatives.  Building cooperation, alliances and networking. Intimate bridges is a European Project attempting to bridge in a genuine way the gaps, as well as[…]


CELEBRATE SUMMER ON de Koer!On Sundays we would like to welcome you with music, sun, drinks and delicious food. 0n 5th September, together with Soundroutes, we are filling the summer terrace with concerts and frenzy. Clink with us on the last day of the week! Tsubasa HoricTsubasa Hori’s music fluctuates[…]

Chios Music Festival: Fawda – Road To Essaouira

On Thursday 5th of August, and on Karfas Beach, Chios Music Festival will be hosting a world and jazz music concert of Fawda as part of the Sound Routes project. FAWDA (the Arabic word for chaos) is a band that emerged in Bologna in 2011,with the meeting of Fabrizio Puglisi,[…]


CELEBRATE SUMMER ON de Koer!On Sunday 8th August, join SoundRoutes’s Belgium partners De Koer. They will welcome you with music, sun, drinks and delicious food, and more importantly with all kinds of musical cross-pollinations and various influences on stage. Duo SECOTister Ikomo (balafon, ngome, likembe, song and dance) enters into[…]

Brave New World Trio & Pepe Rivero at Jazz en la Costa

Natural de Oakland (California), David Murray se trasladó a New York siguiendo los consejos de Cecil Taylor, donde conoció de primera mano a lo más selecto de la escena neoyorquina del jazz de los años setenta. Aunque inicialmente estuvo influenciado por músicos como Albert Ayler y Archie Shepp, poco a[…]

World Refugee Day 2021. Chios Music Festival

From the first moment, #ChiosMusicFestival has consistently included in its programming a variety of activities for child refugees. Since the beginning of 2021, the festival organizes an educational music program exclusively for child refugees on a permanent basis, in collaboration with ΜΕΤΑδραση – METAdrasi Transit Accommodation Facility for unaccompanied minors[…]

World Refugee Week: Blind Live Concert with Dudù Kouate and Luca Bernard

And for our last event for World Refugee Week, we travel to Bologna, to the International Museum and Library of Music, where Bologna Jazz Festival has hosted a masterclass on African percussions and traditional African instruments with Dudù Kouatè (Senegal) -who was later joined by Luca Bernard for the Blind[…]

World Refugee Week: Tiny Bij’ De Vieze Gasten – City’s Song / Tehran Sessions

Today we bring you two offerings: a music video and a pre-recorded live session. In the course of February, March & April 2021 several musicians came together for a unique series of short, acoustic, surprising concerts. Heartwarming and intimate. In 2019 musicians Thomas Noël and Farnoosh Khodadadeh went to Tehran[…]

World Refugee Week: Rap and Hip-Hop from Seville

Day two of our World Refugee Week events takes us to Seville for a live gig. On Friday 18th of June at 10.30 pm (CET), from Seville, Spain, Marmaduke, in collaboration with Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS) celebrate Internacional Refugee week with a focus on[…]

World Refugee Week: One Pac and Fellows in Concert

On our first day of the Special World Refugee Week, Sound Routes brings you the One Pac & Fellows concert that took place on Sunday June 6th, 2021 in Bologna (Italy) at Spazio DumBo and organised by the Bologna Jazz Festival.  Special guest on stage was Kyodo (Lab HipHop Philosophy[…]

Gevleugeld – Elouise Trio

We revisit the Gevleugeld concert with the Elouise Trio organised by OORT and De Koer together with Klara. This concert took place as part of the Soundroutes II project on 16 May 2021 With the support of Futur 21, the National Lottery, Sabam and Creative Europe, and the support of[…]

Sound Routes: Music for World Refugee Week 2021

Music brings us together, and it has been a relief during the long months of COVID-19. The Coronavirus (Covid-19) proves to us that borders are only a political convention. As humans, we are all linked, regardless of our cultures and backgrounds. Let’s forget for a moment these political borders ruled[…]

Chapulines at de Koer’s TERRAS EN MUZIEK

It has lasted long enough, we throw open the doors: the Koer ajar! We fill the outside, in-between and open space with bustle and musical sounds. Ready for drinks, sun, pictures and Sunday crescendos. Welcome! CHAPULINESChapulines plays an idiosyncratic interpretation of son jarocho, a traditional music genre from the south[…]

‘Damast Duo’ at De Koer’s TERRAS EN MUZIEK

It has lasted long enough, we throw open the doors: the Koer ajar! We fill the outside, in-between and open space with bustle and musical sounds. Ready for drinks, sun, pictures and Sunday crescendos. For four weeks we sound on spring and the end of the week, see you Sunday![…]


It has lasted long enough, we throw open the doors: the Koer ajar! We fill the outside, in-between and open space with bustle and musical sounds. Ready for drinks, sun, pictures and Sunday crescendos. Welcome! ASAASA brings alternative Iranian rock music with a touch of experiment. Eastern melodies are inspired[…]

Music beyond pandemic

Despite the pandemic situation, musical waves continue intriguing the agenda of all the project partners. A series of live streaming concerts and Soundroutes events are taking place in several locations. From Spain, 2 Jam sessions are going to be broadcast Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of November with artists coming[…]

One Pac & Fellows at UNIA La Rábida (Huelva, Spain)

From Monday, the 24th August 2020, the Summer Courses of the La Rábida headquarters start and as every year, academic activity is accompanied by a series of cultural activities, which have the collaboration of the Palos de la Frontera City Council. In this edition, humor, jazz and flamenco stand out[…]


This summer we welcome everyone to celebrate Sunday together. Chill out, hang out and sink in at your favorite courtyard. Today is a paean to the Dutch word, from hip-hop to soul trap. You’ll find the most infectious beats today at de Koer! In collaboration with DEMOCRAZY. ALOIS & VLBThis[…]

The thousand and one musics: Night of soul-funk with One Pac & Fellow

Within the framework of the ‘Back to Three Cultures’ programme, the Foundation Three Cultures will offer a series of open-air concerts, every Wednesday in July starting at 10 pm in the Andalusian Gardens of the Hassan II Pavilion, headquarters of this institution. These recitals, grouped under the title of ‘The[…]


This summer we welcome everyone to celebrate Sunday together. Relax, hang out and sink into your favorite courtyard, the Koer. Today Soundroutes provides the rhythm of summer. Sounds from all over the world carefully selected by our favourite home-brewed band. The Nile Band & GuestsRhythms that sway to the gentle[…]