Soundroutes is back.

Sound Routes

Soundroutes is back.

The Creative Europe programme of the European Commission approved the second phase of the Soundroutes project  that will go on until the end of 2020.

This time we can count with the collaboration of 6 partners in 5 countries:

Brauerei Wissmannstraße e.V. – Werkstatt der Kulturen , that will coordinate the action, “Associazione Bologna in Musica” (Italy), “Vzw De Vergunning” (Belgium), “Marmaduke S” (Spain) , “Association Mondiale des Radiodiffuseurs Communautaires” (Belgium) and “Chios Music Festival” (Greece).

Building on the activities already implemented during 2017-2018 the project will foresee the following actions:

  1. 38 sessions of local co-creation’s incubators of transcultural music in Berlin, Bologna, Sevilla and Gent.

  2.  Mobility program for 64 musicians in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Greece

  3.  30 Masteclasses for musicians and workshops for youngsters held by refugees and migrant musicians.

  4. Soundroutes booking agency

  1. Soundroutes online platform and web-portal


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