With Jazz Home Delivery – #laculturanonsiferma Bologna Jazz Festival and Camera – jazz & music clubs contributed to the coronavirus emergency fundraising campaign established by Emilia-Romagna Region.

From their homes, during the worst of the COVID Pandemic, musicians took to their instruments to bring joy and contribute to the social effort. This time, Sound Routes visited Sourakhata Dioubate (Guinea) for a Kora concert.

Musician, choreographer and polyvalent artist, Sourakhata Dioubate comes from a family of Griot Malinke. At the age of six he began his musical training with internationally renowned masters: Lauren Camara, Yamoussa Camara, Fatabou Camara, Lansana Dioubate, Coungbana Konde, historical percussionists of the Ensemble National de Guinée. He constantly performs in various ballets of the Guinean capital. Over the years he has specialized in performances with bass drums and in choreography with sangban and doundoun which have made him appreciated throughout Europe for the originality of the arrangements. In 1998, he moved to Dakar to train artists in the famous ballet Epopées Mandingues and Bougarabou Ballet. In 2000 he recorded a record with his cousin Mohammed Lamin Youl Dioubate. In Italy he began an intense activity by collaborating with groups and musicians, holding courses and internships of the highest level and participating in important musical events, first of all Mama Africa. He currently lives in Emilia Romagna where he holds numerous permanent courses in music and dance.

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