Soundroutes Session in Berlin

Sound Routes

Soundroutes Session in Berlin

  • Date: 05 - Dec - 2019
  • Time: 20:00
  • Location: Berlin
  • Venue: Werkstatt der Kulturen

The 5th of December at Werkstatt Der Kulturen Berlin Soundroutes presents: The Best of Arab Song Jam. Many artists on stage under he artistic direction of Alaa Zouiten and Wassim Mukdad:

ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb
Belbachir Youssef – Gesang
Mokhtar Mechai – Gitarre, Gesang
Valentina Bellanova – Flöten
Reda Bendib – Darbouka
Richard Müller – E-Bass
Alaa Zouiten – Oud

ARAB SONG JAM goes Mashreq
Abdullah Rahhal – Gesang
Ayman Hlal – Violine
Wesam Krema – Akkordeon
Salam Alhasan – Perkussion
Wassim Mukdad – Oud

At 7 PM. Don’t miss it!

The ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb concert series brings new interpretations of both popular and traditional Arab songs to the stage, at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

The concert series bases its format on the Black American jam session culture of the 1940s. The first set of the evening was presented by a regular trio or quartet, while the second set had musicians new to the city introduced by the band leader.

Similar to the jazz jam sessions in all cities around the world being oriented towards The Real Book’s jazz standards, the new concert series ARAB SONG JAM goes Maghreb makes use of the rich treasures of the Arab song repertoire, that were made famous throughout the Arab world by legendary singers such as Oum Kalthoum from Cairo and Fairuz from Beirut, as well as traditional works.

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