Jam Session in Berlin

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Jam Session in Berlin

  • Date: 07 - Jun - 2018
  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN, Berlin
  • Venue: Jam Session in Berlin


Kurdish Soul

Reinterpretations of popular and traditional Arabic songs will be performed in the concert series ARAB SONG JAM at the WERKSTATT DER KULTUREN.

This series of concerts is based on the Black American jam session culture of the 1940s. The first set of an evening is opened by a permanent trio or quartet, while for the second set new musicians can join in.

Similar to the Jazz jam sessions around the world, which are typically based on the “Real Book” with its Jazz standards, the new concert series ARAB SONG JAM uses the rich treasure of the Arabic-language song repertoire, which was spread throughout the entire Arab region by legendary singers like Oum Kalthoum from Cairo and Fairuz from Beirut, as well as traditional songs.

In this instalment of ARAB SONG JAM, bandleader and oud player Wassim Mukdad presents the edition “Kurdish Soul”.

The visit of ARAB SONG JAM is free of charge, we are very happy about donations!

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