Suhail Sangar

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Suhail Sangar

Suhail Sangar is an Afghan singer-songwriter and composer. He studied Indian classical music at the Patiala Garana master school. He became one of the most famous alumni of his year.

He is currently living as a musician in Ghent (Belgium) and is leading a band of three musicians: Suhail Sangar (vocals, harmonium), Whalid Ahmad (keyboard) and Jalil (percussion). Guest percussionists and a guitar players often appear with the trio.

Suhail Sangar is a very popular, well-established musician in Afghanistan. He has several hits to his name, and his fame is now also spreading throughout Europe and beyond. He has performed in Belgium (Ghent Festival, De Centrale Intercultural Centre, Gentse Lente Festival, Festival Dranouter, Roma Concert Hall) and in Norway, Denmark, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan.


  • Whalid Ahmad (Eindhoven, NL) – Other, keyboard
    • Jalil (Rotterdam, NL) – Percussion
    • Hossain (Brussel, BE) – Drums
    • Zebi Hanif (Rotterdam, NL) – Guitars

Links: Facebook page // YouTube channel