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Wafir Gibril

Wafir Sheikh al-Din Gibril was born in Kurdufan (central Sudan) and studied music at the conservatory in the capital Khartoum. He is a multi-instrumentalist who is equally at home on the oud, violin or accordion, but his first professional experience was playing that last instrument with the bands of Abdul Aziz Almubarak, Mohammad Al Amin and Abdul Karm Al Kably. He subsequently formed his own group, Kambala, to perform popular and traditional Sudanese music, and was also an occasional member of the well-known Spanish world music ensemble Radio Tarifa.

He faces the most diverse musics in frequently unexplored areas and he has worked on various projects with Eduardo Paniagua, Hevia, La Musgaña, Joaquín Ruiz (flamenco), Djanbutu Thiossane (Senegal) or Dangerous Friendships, among others. He also collaborates with his sister Rasha and La Banda Negra, where he began to forge the solo album Nilo Azul, performing ancient Spanish music.


De Mar a Mar was born about a year ago with the meeting of Vincent Molino (France), Wafir Gibril (Sudan) and Blanca Paloma (Spain). From the very first instant, a desire and reflection about cultural diversity and its multiple possibilities was born, even beyond the musical fact, using as a scenario the fusion between cultures of the Mediterranean sea and the Pacific ocean.

The ney (oriental flute), the oud, the accordion, the percussion and the cante (flamenco singing) are the landscape in which this multi-cultural philosophy is developed. A project which also hosts different musical and expressive means to transmit, first of all, the idea of ​​creative freedom, of love for a sincere and open music, with nothing to do with the growing superficial musical aesthetics of mainstream bands.

For their performances, the members of De Mar a Mar have the collaboration of the Argentine guitarist Leandro Bianchi and the Syrian singer Mahmoud Fares. A way to rediscover the sea as a space for cultural and social exchange between peoples and civilizations, a role that the Mediterranean sea for example -today an insurmountable barrier for so many- has had from ancient times, contributing powerfully to define and enrich the history of Spain.

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