Muhannad Dughem

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Muhannad Dughem

Syrian-Palestinian musician, Muhannad was taught singing and Arabic lute from an early age, receiving first-hand the heritage of traditional Arabic music. His participation in many bands and his performances as a soloist have taken him to countries such as Libya, Algeria, Sweden, Portugal and Spain.

He has been part of the Alwda band, formed by the Palestinian embassy in Algeria, and has performed at Al Bassel Theater in Aleppo (Syria) with his band Hulom, as well as being a soloist and singer in several concerts in Sweden.

Since 2015 Muhannad lives in Spain, where he has continued his training in a self-taught way, and has acted as a guest artist in prominent events and festivals such as the Nights in the Gardens of Real Alcázar (Seville), the Edgar Neville Theater (Málaga) and the Casa Árabe (Madrid), among others.

He has also collaborated with different institutions and musical formations through several projects such as Ázar, Mawwál Trio, Sham and Masharabiya.

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Life is a succession of unexpected encounters. Mashrabiya emerges in a spontaneous meeting and ends in a shared musical space in which the oud and the clarinet melt intimately, wrapped in the warmth and velvet of the cello and the rhythmic cadence of the percussion. This meeting is the beginning of a process of searching for sounds, nuances, cadences, which starts in the Middle East and gathers, in its journey to Andalusia, dances and songs from the Mediterranean. Mashrabiya is the window that looks towards other cultures as different as related.

The band is formed by: Muhannad Dughem (oud), Óscar Acedo Núñez (clarinet), Carmen Fernández Ruiz (cello) and Chiqui García (percussion).



The term mawwál refers to a form of free vocal improvisation, very common of the Arabic musical repertoire. The mawwál indicates, at the beginning of a song, the musical mode or modes by which it is going to run. It’s a concept derived from ancient forms, still used today, to understand the noble art of making music as they understood it in gigantic cultures such as Arabic, Hindu, Persian or Greek. These forms were transferred to the old medieval Europe thanks to the tenacious Andalusian influence in the Iberian Peninsula from the 8th century until the beginning of the 17th century, permeating the musical and poetic production throughout this period.

The Mawwál trio was founded around 2014 from previous musical projects, with the aim of exploring the traditional repertoires of the Mediterranean, as well as those rooted in the old medieval Europe, to continue finding the elements that connect both traditions. The band is formed by: Iman Kandoussivoz (percussion), Muhannad Dughem (voice, oud) and Juanma Rubio (viola, lute, santur and hurdy-gurdy).