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Ehsan Yadollahi

Ehsan is a Tar and Setar player. Since 2004 in Iran, Malaysia and now in Belgium, he has experienced performing with different musicians and bands. Working on fusion and alternative music brought him to ​the stage of discovering more about the world music with ​SABA ​(​middle eastern music​)​ and ​ASA​ ​(​Alternative Rock-Iranian music​).

​​​But at the same time he has been exploring more on Iranian traditional music by working on making compositions on Persian contemporary/classic poetry (SÂZ ensemble). ​Together with these bands, he have performed several times at music festivals and cultural events in Belgium, France, Holland, Malaysia and Iran. The concept of improvisation is the most important factor in his compositions. In addition, being open to World Music gives him the possibility to integrate easily to other countries’ music.

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This band has three members from Iran: Ehsan Yadollahi (Tar/Setar), Rossana Azhandeh (vocals) and Nima Moshgbar (percussion). Their performance normally consists of two parts. In the first part, they play some of the most popular songs in traditional music of Iran. The songs are from 1920s-1930s and they (both instrumental and vocal) try to perform them exactly the same way as they are composed. In second part they present Ehsan’s own compositions based on the early 20th century poetry. The main concept of the selected poems is about life of the immigrants and also the difficulties they may experience while following their dreams. They’ve tried to find a good balance between the meaning of the poetry and rhythm together with the melodies to express the most true emotions.


  • Gent (de centrale, Yalda night, Iranian community)
  • Brussels (Muziekpublique)
  • Leuven (Pangea, Kadoc Kapel, Pieter De Somer Aula (Pds)



ASA works specifically on Alternative Rock-Iranian music. In other words, the eastern modes inspired by Rock motifs based on current emotions. There is a frame composed for each song, but the melodies and tunes could be different each time the song is performed. At the moment they are four musicians: Ehsan Yadollahi (Tar) and Keivan Valamanesh (Guitar) from Iran, Sam Van Renne (Synthesizer) and Pat Seynaeve (Guitar Bass) from Belgium.


  • Gent (de centrale, huis van heden, bij’ de vieze gasten, radio, hand in hand gent, Herberg Macharius)
  • Antwerp (Radio centraal, Monty Kultuurfaktorij, Pedrami art gallery, oude beurs)
  • Brussels (Nationale bibliotheek)
  • Leuven (Pangea)


  • Gentse Lende, March 2017 (Gent, Belgium)
  • Les Gouts de Gand, May 2017 (Gent, Belgium)



SABA is the name of some sort of breeze in Iran during the morning. It ​brings the fresh air to us like the music we play. We are working on original melodies from middle east. The framework for each song is the same as the original songs, but we improvise according to the core melodies. It’s the sound of middle east brought to Belgium by SABA.We also do free improvisation over some maqams from Iranain/Syrian folk/traditional music. Here are the names of the musicians: Ehsan Yadollahi (Tar), Husam Tamary (Oud) and Hilde de Clercq (Percussion).


  • MSK museum of fine arts Gent Oct 2016
  • ENTR de centrale, Gent, May 2017​
  • ​Art-base, Brussels, July 2017​